Another day into the wild – Part 4 – Sophie’s Experience

This morning, we decided to go fishing in the Anavilhanas Archipelago, a group of more than 400 islands in the river. After quite a long boat ride, we arrived in a quiet, magical place and started fishing. We, the travelers, succeeded to get 2 fishes while the natives got more than 20! They were so good at it with their homemade fishing rods. Then, surprise, they made a fire on a fallen tree in the river and started to cook the fishes (some of them were even Piranhas!). They made also veggie, “farinha”, soup and rice. This was an amazing moment! They were doing it so fast and perfectly. We were impressed. After this tasty lunch, we went back home. I decided to get a sun bath and the others did a capoeira course.

In the late afternoon, Abilio showed us how to climb on a very high tree in order to get “açaí” (a Brazilian fruit). I did not climb more than 1 meter high, but our boys made it better. They went all the way up and actually succeeded to get the fruit! Bravo!

We decided in the evening, to have a bonfire dinner, with amazing “churrasco” (Brazilian word for barbecue), all together with our hosts and us. They told us stories about their ancestors, the community, and what happened there. It was really interesting to share these things with them. Another beautiful day!

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