Last day, fun day – Part 5 – Sophie’s Experience

After another tasty breakfast and refreshing bucket shower, we decided to explore the forest around the community. Our new friends showed us their plantations of pineapple, manioc, bananas, sweet potatoes… They told us also how to build a roof with leaves that could last 2 years! We learned about various fruits, how to recognize eatable and toxic stuff, and finally saw new trees with other characteristics. For instance, one has a circular form, and since it makes so much noise when you hit it with anything, it is used for warning when you get lost. It is crazy to see again this harmony with the nature. Abilio told us that he got lost once and had to survive for 4 days on his own in the forest.

After this trek, we cooked lunch all together. We wrapped up fish in leaves in order to grill it. Put some flavors and veggies on it. Finally, we made “farofa” (Brazilian food prepared with manioc grains) and mixed it with bananas, pepperonis and cooked rice and sauce. Amazing meal, again!

We had a chilled afternoon, playing with the kids and sleeping in the hammocks. Sunset time came and they took us canoeing. That was marvelous! The colors were mind blowing and the activity was very funny, since the boats were not that stable, and we almost fell a few times.

For our last evening, we decided to eat again all together around a bonfire. They gave us “caxiri”, a tasty drink made out of the fermentation of the pineapple skin. It stays under the sun immersed in water for 4 days to become a delicious drink! We were telling each other all kind of story and it really felt as if we became part of the family. They also gave us an amazing artwork! I got a “jacaré” (alligator) teeth and an earring made of parrot feathers. We also got our faces painted. Each drawing had a meaning, being team leader, “cobra” (snake), warrior… This turned into a really late evening and we decided to go to bed around 2 am.

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