Let the activities begin! – Part 3 – Sophie’s Experience

Abilio woke us up around 7 am to get us prepared to a trek in the jungle. But first… Breakfast! Delicious! Tapioca, banana, pineapple, juice, coffee, and some other things I don’t even know the name of. Then, “shower”, meaning there throwing buckets of water on you. Funny, but really cold (which was not a problem considering the high temperature outside)…

Anyway, we are finally ready to explore the jungle, and here we go! The morning started with a small boat ride, and then we hiked for 4 hours. It was amazing. Impressive nature all around us, with trees that give milk, or water, or the weirdest fruits, or also medicinal virtues… We could also hear the birds singing and see them sometimes. It was surprising how much they knew about the environment. All the paths, the plants, the animals… they knew it all and it was very reassuring and intriguing. Exhausted, we finally arrived back to the boat, made a stop in the river in order to wash up, and went home. After another delicious fresh meal, we all laid down in hammocks and took a nap. What a sensational morning!

Having some energy back, we started a bow and arrow class. The goal was to aim for the center of the target. We almost got it! Homemade arrows and bows, they showed us the right position, and few techniques.

After the class, we ate a really good soup, and then went on a night boat tour, aiming to see alligators. That was quite scary for me, but really exciting! We actually did not see one clearly but saw few pairs of eyes, and frightening shadows in the sea. We decided with my friends to sing happy songs to reassure ourselves and avoid nightmares once back home. Then we sat around the fire and told each other funny stories. It was time to go to sleep after this late night adventure.

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