Who Are We

Miriam Silva

I have the indigenous nationality and am from the Baré ethnic group. I love Amazonia, the place where I was born and always lived. My goal, working with Braziliando, is to preserve the natural beauties surrounding my magical environment that I am lucky to call home. I also wish to create opportunities and generate income for the community members through this sustainable and alternative tourism.

Ana Taranto

My cultural exchange programs were the most incredible and unforgettable experiences of my life. Through them I discovered special places, made great friends, learned new languages and fell in love. It was also during one of these experiences that I realized that I wanted to create my own destiny and work with something that really captivated me, that made sense for my life! So I decided to found Braziliando, with the goal of promoting to people from all over the world the most incredible and unforgettable experiences of their lives while they live a new culture (as a local).

Sophie Peccaud

French student in international business, travelling is my dearest passion. I try do go on vacation as often as I can, and do my internships in foreign countries that I feel are very different from mine. I’ve for instance worked in the Caribbean, went arround Europe with a Backpack, met friends in NYC…  Each time, I discover a new culture and new people. Besides, I’m quite a lonely traveler, and meeting people, specially locals, is so rewarding. They help you to see the country from a new eye and give you many new opportunities!