Amazon Expedition

An experience that mixes volunteer work with community-based tourism, from December 7 to 15 in Santarém, Pará. You'll do social work in which you donate your time to collaborate with the Health and Joy Project while experiencing the way of life of riverside communities.

The itinerary includes

All costs of itinerary activities, plus donations for volunteer activities.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the entire stay.

Accommodation for 8 nights.

Full support from staff before, during and after the expedition.

All land and river transportation provided for in the itinerary.

December 7 to 15, 2019

You will be staying in the heart of the Amazon, in the Tapajós-Arapiuns Natural Reserve located in Santarém, Pará, Brazil..

The volunteering activities will be focused on soil recovery in the Anumã community through grass planting and native seedling production, which will later be distributed to the community members of the reserve to use in their plantations, generating income and assisting in the recovery of the biome. The actions are based on the needs identified by CEFA, the Active Forest Experimental Center, a project implemented by NGO Projeto Saúde e Alegria.

In order to participants to experience the community's way of live, the itinerary includes the striking aspects of local culture: sleeping in a hammock, traveling by boat through the extensive rivers of the Amazon basin, typical food and traditional cultural activities such as Farinhada (cassava flour manufacturing process) and workshop to learn the traditional stampó, all with the community to guide us and give more authenticity to the experience. 

Day 1: 12/07 - Saturday 

  • Check in at the hotel in Santarem. Free day for you to explore the city. We can organize group tours depending on your arrival time (optional). 

 Day 2: 12/08 - Sunday 

  • 8am: We leave Santarém in a van to Alter do Chão, where we will take the boat that will transport us to the Tapajós Arapiuns Extractive Reserve (RESEX Tapajó Arapiuns). 
  • 11:30 am: We arrived at the port of Anumã, where transportation to the Active Forest Experimental Center (CEFA) awaits us. Accommodation in dorms. 
  • 12h00: Almoço.
  • 1:30 pm: CEFA team introduction and guidance. 
  • 2pm: Transportation to the community of Vista Alegre do Capixauã to participate in the indigenous ritual and tipiti dance. 
  • 6pm: Return to CEFA. 
  • 7pm: Dinner and free time. 

Day 3: 12/9 - Monday

  • 7h30: Café da manhã.
  • 8h: Tour pelas unidades demonstrativas do CEFA.
  • 8h30: Atividades de voluntariado: apresentação do trabalho do viveiro e início da produção.
  • 12h: Almoço e pausa para descanso.
  • 14h: Farinhada: processo de manufatura da famosa farinha de mandioca, tradicional da região, a ser apresentada por uma família local. Oportunidade de colocar as mãos na massa e produzir um pouco de farinha para levar para casa.
  • 19h: Jantar. 

Day 4: 12/10 - Tuesday

  • 7h30: Café da manhã.
  • 8h: Vamos focar no trabalho e produzir o máximo de mudas possível para bater nossa meta!
  • 12h: Almoço e pausa para descanso.
  • 14h: Vamos curtir uma agradável tarde na praia de água doce da comunidade de Anumã, relaxar e assistir ao pôr-do-sol.
  • 19h: Início da piracaia in partnership em parceria com a comunidade de Anumã. Churrasco de peixe e vegetais feito na praia, acompanhado da cantoria do grande Livaldo Sarmento, cantor e compositor da RESEX.
  • 22h: Retorno ao CEFA. 

Day 5: 12/11 - Wednesday

  • 7h30: Café da manhã.
  • 8h: Seguimos para a comunidade de Anumã, onde faremos um mutirão de plantio de gramíneas com os moradores. A erosão do solo é um grande problema para as famílias, pois afeta as construções e dificulta a manutenção dos sistemas de saneamento e distribuição de água.
  • 12h: Retorno ao CEFA, almoço e pausa para descanso.
  • 14h: Seguimos para a comunidade de Vista Alegre do Capixauã, onde faremos uma pequena trilha e uma atividade de canoagem no Igarapé.
  • 6pm: Return to CEFA.
  • 7pm: Dinner and free time. 

Day 6: 12/12 - Thursday

  • 7h30: Café da manhã.
  • 8h: Vamos fazer o plantio de algumas mudas no entorno do CEFA! Em 30 anos nossas mudinhas serão lindas árvores contribuindo para a manutenção do clima e do bioma na Amazônia.
  • 11h30: Retorno ao CEFA.
  • 12h: Almoço e pausa para descanso.
  • 15h: Vamos nos reunir e fazer um balanço das atividades que realizamos. Momento importante para refletir, sugerir e melhorar!
  • 19h: Jantar.
  • 20h: Noite cultural no CEFA com a presença do grupo de carimbó da comunidade de Pedra Branca. Vamos aprender o ritmo do Pará! 

Day 7: 12/13 - Friday

  • 7h: Saímos cedo do CEFA para pegar o barco que vai nos levar ao Rio Arapiuns, onde vamos descobrir porque a região ficou conhecida como caribe amazônico. Todas as refeições do dia serão feitas no barco, onde também vamos passar a noite, numa autêntica experiência ribeirinha!
  • 14h30h: Oficina de artesanato com o grupo de artesãs da comunidade de São Miguel. Vamos aprender sobre a coleta, o tingimento natural e a tecelagem da palha de tucumã.
  • 16h30: Apresentação da Dança do Chapéu, exclusiva da comunidade de São Miguel!
  • 17h30: Seguimos para a Ponta do Icuxi, uma praia paradisíaca onde vamos pernoitar.
  • 19h: Jantar. 

Day 8: 12/14 - Saturday

  • 7h00: Café da manhã no barco. 8h30: Retornamos a Alter do Chão.
  • 12h: Almoço no barco.
  • 14h: Chegada ao balneário turístico de Alter onde passaremos uma noite no Hostel e Pousada do Tapajós. Restante do dia livre. 

Day 9: 12/15 - Sunday

  • Breakfast at the hostel and free day to explore Alter do Chão and the surrounding area, but we suggest going to Flona do Tapajós, where you can meet Grandma Samaúma, a tree with an estimated age of one thousand years! End of the trip!

  • R$ 2.999,00 via bank transfer up to three installments without surcharge - the 1st installment must be done at the moment of reservation and the last one until 10 days before the trip's start date.
  • R$ 3.107,00 with Paypal (credit card) plus taxes if you choose to pay with installments (1.92% per installment). For example, if you choose to pay by credit card in 4 installments, the amount per installment will be R$ 836.40. Ps.: This payment method will be available only until November 7, 2019.

  •  Accommodation in a screened dormitory for up to three people, sleeping in hammocks (provided by us), in the premises of the Active Forest Experimental Center - CEFA, in the Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve (5 nights); 
  • Accommodation at B/M Felipe Neto in hammocks (provided by us - 1 night); 
  • Accommodation in a standard 3 star hotel in Santarém (1 night); 
  • Accommodation in a shared room at Hostel Pousada do Tapajós in Alter do Chão (1 night); 
  • Daily meals included as per the itinerary (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner); 
  • All land and river transportation provided for in the itinerary from the hotel in Santarém until the end of activities in Alter do Chão; 
  • All costs with cultural and tourist activities as described in the itinerary; 
  • Donation for volunteering activities; 
  • Full support from staff before, during and after the expedition.

  • Airfare and related taxes; 
  • Taxi to and from Santarém Airport; 
  • Meals in the city of Santarém and Alter do Chão; 
  • Sightseeing tours provided by other companies in the city of Santarém and Alter do Chão; 
  • Documentation (passport/visas); 
  • Alcoholic beverages; 
  • Personal travel insurance; 
  • Medical, hospital and pharmaceutical services; 
  • Personal extra costs (telephone, tips, laundry, shopping, etc).


  • All activities will be monitored by the CEFA technical team, who will be guiding participants at all times about the procedures, making the activities possible for anyone, without the need for specific prior knowledge.
  • The only requirement to participate is being over 18 years oldand previous volunteering experience is not required to enjoy this experience. Children and underaged are invited to participate provided they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Limitations on mobility is to be assessed on a case-by-case basis in view of our stay in poorly structured communities, but we have already pointed out that the terrain is naturally rugged and therefore unsuitable for wheelchair users. If you have any restrictions in this regard, please contact us and our team will evaluate the security of your participation. 


  • Although located in the middle of the forest, CEFA has the structure you need to enjoy the journey with safety and higiene structures: solar energy, dorms, sanitary structures and industrial kitchen. 
  • It's a rustic infrastructurewith cold water showers and hammock sleepovers, as is the local custom, which ensures authenticity to the experience. 
  • The meals are done with traditional utensils and can meet participants' dietary restrictions are always praised by participants.

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