Experiences for conscious travelers

Picture: Vivek Gandhi

Our experiences are designed for adventurous travelers seeking to fall in love with life, discover and transform themselves, leaving trails of care and responsibility wherever they go.

IMPORTANT: To ensure everyone's safety, our in-land experiences have been suspended since March 2020 due to COVID. But you can still embark on authentic and transformative experiences in the Amazon. Check out our online experiences!


Conexão Baré: Viagem Online com indígenas da Amazônia

Embark on an immersive, interactive and online trip with the indigenous Baré people of the Amazon forest and support the community in the pandemic.


Voluntariado Online

Teach English online for indigenous and riverside people from the Amazon forest while learning more about their culture and local reality.



Experience the destination as a true local on your own or with your friends on your preferred date.



Go on a journey of self-knowledge and inner connection with a group of travelers on a predetermined date.

Community-Based Tourism


A way of doing tourism in which the activities are carried out by the local community itself and whose pillar is sustainability (socio-cultural, economic and environmental). Those who live this experience are integrated into the culture by the community, who welcome the visitor and share their way of life. 

Picture: Vivek Gandhi

An experience that integrates a true immersion in the local reality with volunteer work, in which the participants implement activities that aim to contribute with the local communities or with the biodiversity. We seek to make positive changes possible for community members and their surroundings, as well as for travelers.


Through our travels:

Live an authentic experience

Promote transformations


The views, opinions and impacts of those who traveled with us

"Last week I left home for the Amazon on a trip that I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My personal goal was to try to help riverside communities but somehow in the end, I don't who got more help ... This trip moved me, changing my heart and my mind. Thank you Braziliando and all the people I met that made this trip unforgettable. "
Anna Paula Garcia
Voluntourism Expedition
"The Amazon is beautiful ... to experience the place as it really is and still have the opportunity to generate a positive impact for the riverside population is indescribable! We learn infinitely more than we propose to teach. My thanks for the competence of Braziliando that, besides the creation of this beautiful trip, was impeccable in everything. Gratitude for the team that worked hard and made this experience so wonderful!"
Cristal Mostacada
Voluntourism Expedition
"How much love there is there, how many smiles, how much peace, how much teaching, how much richness ... The Amazon is ao rich in positive feelings, with so many beautiful things. Thank you to @brazilian.do for helping to provide such enriching days, in many ways. "
Izabela Cavalhal
Community Based Tourism
"I can't put into words everything I lived in the 4 days in this community. I can only say it was the most beautiful days of my life. The Amazon Rainforest is amazing, but even more amazing are the people who live there."
Nathália Segato
Community Based Tourism