Baré Connection

A virtual travel experience where the traveler has the possibility to visit different spaces in the indigenous village, connect with locals and participate in various day-to-day activities, to get immersed in the reality of the Amazon Rainforest life through a computer or cell phone.

An experience that is:


Immerse yourself (virtually) in an Amazonian village, of the Baré indigenous group, and experience the day-to-day life of the forest people.


Interact, in real time, with those who were born and raised in the Amazon, listen to their stories, ask questions, and learn more about an inspiring culture and lifestyle


Through a videoconferencing platform and an internet connection, join us at this live travel experience.

How it works:

Imersão Cultural


Days before departure, you will receive several immersion materials about the local culture that will "teleport" you to the Amazon and prepare you for the trip.

Conexão Baré

Check in

On the scheduled day and time, the group of travelers will log on to the videoconferencing platform, via their devices, to check in and start this adventure.

Barco "Dona Rita"

Online travel

After "flying" over the forest, passing through Manaus and "sailing up" some rivers, we will connect with our hosts and begin our immersion into our destination.



Our hosts welcome virtual travelers to the village's community space. A welcome full of information and history. And affection 🙂


During the experience, you can learn about indigenous spirituality, take part in a blessing ritual with the shaman and learn about the medicinal use of Amazonian plants.

Uka - Casa do Conhecimento

Visit the community library and discover some indigenous literature and knowledge with the guardians.


Bring the energy of the village into your home by learning about the art of graphics and their meanings.


Learn about how wood pieces, bio-jewelry made from seeds and all the diversity of pieces made from forest resources are produced.


Do you know Amazonian turtles? On this virtual tour you'll learn a little more about these shelled animals and their importance in the Amazon.


Follow the production of a typical Baré dish and be enchanted by the Amazonian delights.

E muito mais!

Every trip is unique! Just like the climate in the Amazon, the experience is subject to change. All activities are possibilities and may vary with each experience.

Why did we create it?

Why participate?


"It was a surprising and beautiful experience. I was touched by Braziliando's care, respect and affection for the community. At the same time as I expand my cultural boundaries, I also contribute to maintaining their quality of life."

Mariah Theme​

Virtual Traveler

"It was a wonderful experience. Being able to be close (even virtually) to this community and learn a little more about their lifestyle, customs, culture, art and projects was great. The experience is authentic, responsible and very well organized. [...] I felt like I was traveling without leaving home."

Camila Barp

Virtual Traveler

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No. Conexão Baré is an online experience, held via a videoconferencing platform.

No! Conexão Baré is a live experience and each edition is unique! 

Yes, you'll be able to talk directly to the community members and ask them your questions in a relaxed conversation full of exchanges.

No! It's an online travel experience packed with activities such as integration between travelers, meditation, a presentation of daily life in the Amazon and much more!

The Baré Connection is a safe and practical way for wheelchair users and other people with mobility restrictions to experience everyday life in the Amazon. If you're in this condition and don't feel comfortable taking a trip in person, join us for an online trip!

The activities change with each experience, but you can learn about indigenous graphics, talk about spirituality and medicinal plants, follow the preparation of a typical dish, be enchanted by local handicrafts and hear about caring for Amazonian biodiversity and much more!

O tempo estimado da vivência é de 1h30 a 3h.

Because, just like a face-to-face trip, you need to prepare and find out about the destination. We do a cultural immersion a few days before the online experience. 

The focus of the Baré Conecction is immersion in the culture. To get in touch with the forest, embark on one of our in-person experiences. 

We haven't yet managed to fully adapt the experience for people with visual and hearing impairments, but we've already had participants of this profile who are helping us to make it more inclusive. If you're interested in embarking on the online journey and supporting us in this mission, get in touch:

Você pode fazer sua candidatura à bolsa integral através do Passaporte Inclusivo. Esta iniciativa visa a possibilitar que pessoas que não tenham condição de arcar com o valor sugerido da Conexão Baré possam vivenciar essa experiência autêntica e transformadora.

Cada 2 contribuições solidárias realizadas possibilitam 1 vaga via Passaporte Inclusivo.