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Experience tourism in Brazil

Through our Community Based Tourism and Volunteering experiences in the Amazon:

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Live the destination like a true local, tasting the regional flavors and immersing yourself in a new lifestyle.



Discover a traditional culture, connect with nature and bond with locals.



Transform your worldview, create opportunities for the locals and value their culture.

Our essence


Sustainability is at the core of our mission and our actions. We care about the environmental, social and economic impacts of our travels and activities.


For us an authentic trip is one that allows you to experience the destination as a true local, creating a real connection with them and their reality.


We believe tourism can drive the change we want to see in the world, and we work to make our experiences transformative both for travellers and locals.


“The contact with the Baré people made it possible for me to see life through other eyes and see far beyond what I knew about living in the forest: the spirit of community, simplicity and welcomeness. Braziliando allowed me to know the true Amazon, its people and its beauties. Incredible activities, which amid the daily life of the community, made me heartbroken when I left. ”
Amanda Magalhães
Community Based Tourism
“The experience was amazing. Living a little of the daily life of those who really live in the Amazon was a very rich experience and, I imagine, quite different from visiting the region through a mass tourism package that offers standardized "products" and doesn't add much to the communities. I am so grateful for this experience! ”
Luisa Ferreira
Community Based Tourism
“Going in the trip to the Amazon with Braziliando was one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had. It is a journey that changes your mind, body and especially your heart. The integration between travellers and locals is the greatest point of difference. If it weren't so, I don't think the trip would be so special.”
Juliana Faria
Voluntourism Expedition
“A few months after I travelled, I can only now realize the extent of this trip in my life. Do you know that trip that comes in the right time and to the right destination? Many internal and external transformations were driven by this experience. All I have to say is thank you.”
Mariana Candian
Voluntourism Expedition

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