Positive transformations through sustainable tourism

  • Our mission is to promote positive transformations through authentic and responsible travel experiences.

Our story

An Amazonian seed

In 2016, when Ana embarked with Tereza, her mother and now business partner, on a trip to the Amazon, she felt a deep connected with nature and the local population.

Listening to the story of those born and raised in the forest, visiting their homes and witnessing their challenges motivated her to come back to a different experience. Thus came our first volunteerism expedition: Amazoniando

In this expedition, one of the activities done was the Tree of Dreams. We listened to the the local women and helped build a plan to achieve a collective dream. 

Employment opportunities and sources of income raised as common needs and they identified tourism as a solution. 

Braziliando helped them to structure the experience and began to make it easier for travelers to connect with the community, seeking to value traditions and create opportunities for community members.

The three of dreams

  • We believe tourism can drive the change we want to see in the world.

We are "Brasilidade" in travel form

- bra-zi-li-an-do // the gerund form of the neologism "Brasiliar", to experience Brazil in its most genuine form, feel the Brazilianness or love for Brazil.

When Ana thought about the name of the company and found the song Brasilando, by Toquinho, which celebrates our national roots and Brazilianness, she felt it was the right choice.

But why Braziliando with a "Z"? Simply because with an "S" wasn't available. LOL! So we decided to be innovative like that.

Multigenerational female leadership

“Traveling, we experience different social and cultural contexts, relate to people from different realities and connect deeply with nature. We value simplicity and change our worldview. We hope that Braziliando's experiences do the same for you!”

Ana Taranto and Tereza Cristina, Partners

Meet the team

  • Graduated in Business Administration (UFRJ) and holding an MBA in Marketing (FGV), she attended the UCLA Sustainability courses, as well as the Community-Based Tourism Multipliers at Mamirauá Institute and Theory U. With marketing experience at G4 Global Partners, L'Oréal, Oi and junior enterprise. She practices yoga and meditation, is a volunteer English teacher (EduMais) and member of the NGO Base Colaborativa Rio.

    Ana Taranto

    Founding partner
  • Graduated in Languages, she was a teacher and then Partner and Director at Transceiver. Participated in the EMPRETEC, developed by the UN and taught by SEBRAE, the Business Development Course (IDE-Brasil), on Experiences and views on Community-Based Tourism (CPF-SESC-SP). She practices meditation, supports the Social Works Service - in VR - and volunteers at a Vipassana meditation center.

    Tereza Cristina

  • He was a Braziliando traveller in 2018 and from October of that year until May 2019, developed a sustainability project for the company, seeking to increase the positive impacts of our activities and mitigate the negative ones. Graduated in Public Policy Management from USP, he was ambassador of the Choice Movement and interned at the Secretariat of Social Development of the State of São Paulo. In college, he participated in the AIESEC impact incubator Habits and co-founded the junior company Vertuno.

    Bruno Teixeira

  • Trabalhou com a Ana no Marketing da G4 Global Partners, colaborou com o marketing na criação da Braziliando em 2016 e, em 2019, topou o convite para reestruturar o site da empresa. Graduada em Publicidade e Propaganda pela ESPM, fez uma extensão em Marketing e Gestão de Marca na University of Sidney e mestrado em Marketing na Monash University, ambos na Austrália. Tem experiência nas áreas de energia, tecnologia, entretenimento e turismo, além de ser apaixonada por viajar.

    Laura Vellozo

  • She met Braziliando in 2019 through the Social Good Brazil Festival and since then helps develop the company's marketing and commercial strategy in order to increase its visibility and positive impact. Graduated in Advertising from ESPM Rio. She worked on developing the commercial and communication strategy for the Polen Recicla Orla project, a sustainability startup focused on waste solutions. Besides always studying communication for impact business, loves photography and travel, of course.

    Larissa Galvão

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