We are an impact enterprise

Impact businesses are ventures that have the explicit mission of generating a positive social and environmental impact while generating a sustainable financial result.

Sustainable tourism
Floresta Amazônica - Braziliando


Create economic opportunities in traditional communities that provides better quality of life to locals.



Value the traditional culture, honor our ancestry and always respect biodiversity.



Foster travelers' connection with nature and with people from different social and cultural backgrounds to promote respect and world peace.

Economic benefits

The community members are the protagonists of the experiences and each one involved in the tourism activities is paid for the services provided. To make it fair, the compensation is set by the residents themselves.

 Part of the amount paid by the traveler is transferred to the community fund: a reserve accessed in case of need, such as for a power generator maintenance or for a medical emergency.

We encourage travelers to value local produce by purchasing typical handicrafts and food directly from the community members. The hosts themselves also contribute to the local economy, buying travel supplies directly from the community members or neighborhood villages.

Environmental impact

Photo by Vivek Ghandi

In order to mitigate environmental impacts, trips are made in small groups and travelers must follow the code of conduct, co-created with community members. 

Amongst other instructions, we ask travelers to take back non-organic waste for proper disposal, to use biodegradable hygiene products and not to collect anything from nature.

In addition, none of our activities involve interaction with wild animals, following the commitment letter that we signed with the NGO World Animal Protection Organization.

Satisfaction is our motivation

Braziliando manages the impact and value created for customers and for the community by the Satisfaction Surveys that are applied at the end of each experience. 

The form sent to travelers intends to measure their satisfaction with each aspect of the trip and the form sent to community members seeks to verify their perceptions of travelers and the experience itself. 

Thus, we identify opportunities for improvement and draw up an action plan with the community.

Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to contribute with UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), designed to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that people achieve peace and prosperity.

Towards B Corporation Certification

We support the B Economy, a global movement of business leaders that seeks to redefine business success so that one day all companies can compete not just to be the best of the world but the best for the world.

We took the B Impact Assessment to check our socio-environmental impactand scored over the 80 points needed to become a B Corporation. Now we need to follow the validation process and certification to continue our journey towards sustainability.

We are human, we are not perfect!


But we are constantly searching to evolve. Therefore, we count on your help to identify how to improve our performance, mitigate the negative impacts of our experience and enhance positive transformations. Critics or suggestions?Share it with us!

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