When is the best time to visit the rainforest? How many days to stay in the Amazon? What to do in the region? Where to stay? Are you full of doubts to plan the trip of your life? Stay calm because we created this guide for those who want to get to know the authentic Amazon and see up close all its charms in the most sustainable way possible. Here are some tips that can be used as a basis for putting together your travel itinerary. Let's learn more about Tourism in the Amazon?

When to go

Many come to us with this doubt.

In December, it starts to rain and the river gradually rises, flooding the forest, where you can navigate by canoe. March is within the flooding period of the rivers and it is a time that it rains more, but it is also a period when animals tend to be more active. From June to August, the river reaches its maximum and it is possible to see mirrors of water like the one in the photo below. From September to November there are the beautiful river beaches. The truth is that each season has its magic and deserves a visit! 

The only month that is not highly recommended by our local partners (the indigenous people) when you want to reach the village using row boats is November, because the rivers tend to be drier, making access difficult.

Where to stay

  • Riverside and indigenous communities: The best way to get to know the essence of a place is to stay with the locals themselves. And nothing better than getting to know the Amazon with who were born and raised in the forest, right ?! The Community-Based Tourism (CBT) is a great alternative for those seeking this experience of Tourism in the Amazon. In the Braziliando itinerary, co-created with the community, travelers sleep in a family home and spend a few days immersed in the forest, experiencing the local daily life and discovering the Amazon with the natives. To find out more and make your reservation, just click here.
  • Local HostelIf you are looking for a young and affordable accommodation in the city of Manaus, located close to the port, the Adolpho Lisboa Market, the Amazonas Theater and other activities in the historic center, we recommend the Local Hostel Manaus. More information: contato@localhostel.com.br
  • Jungle hotels: For those looking for a more comfortable and upscale experience in the forest, jungle hotels can be a great option. However, look for establishments that care about the ecosystem, hire local labor and seek integration with nature. After all, you don't want your visit to negatively impact the destination.

What to do

  • Spend a few days in the forest, in a traditional community: the Amazon is an incredible region and being able to experience it with the locals, knowing their culture and lifestyle, will certainly make this a unique and special experience. 
  • Visit the historic center of Manaus: Be sure to be enchanted by the colors and flavors of the Adolpho Lisboa Market, of visiting the  São Sebastião Square and making a guides visit through Amazonas Theater. For a richer and more complete experience, we highly recommend a walking tour with a local who knows every corner, deeds and facts of the region, and a crawl night pub to drink some drinks and typical snacks (just call that we pass our contact: discover@braziliando.com). 
  • River beaches: There are some nearby river beaches that are super worth a visit like the Ponta Negra Beach and the Moon Beach. The Moon Beach was considered the best beach in Manaus and can only be visited by boat, the trip usually costs around R$10 leaving from Marina do Davi. Don't miss visiting the incredible Seringal Museum, which is in the region, where you will get to know what the Amazon was like at the time of the rubber production.
  • Know the fauna and flora of the Amazon: if you don't have time to spend a few days in the forest, you can get a taste of the local fauna and flora in the MUSA (Amazon Museum) and the INPA (National Amazon Research Institute).

Where to eat in Manaus

  • Tambaqui de Banda: Simple and affordable food. We recommend the big fish with some of the juices that are delicious. 
  • Caxiri: A good choice for a more refined gastronomic experience with unique dishes of local cuisine. Be sure to also try one of the drinks made with typical products of the region.

How long to stay

If you have less time, we recommend a tour itinerary that is 1 week of tourism in the Amazon: about 4 nights in the forest and 2 nights in Manaus. But if you have more time available, you can spend more days immersed in a local community (check out our 6 nightsitinerary), extend your stay in the manauara capital and still stop in Presidente Figueiredo to get to know the famous waterfalls in the region.

Tell us in the comments what else you would like to know about the Amazon and see you in the next post 😉

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