About us

Braziliando’s mission is to promote authentic and unforgettable experiences for you, who want to be immersed in the culture while traveling.
We believe that every travel becomes more special and meaningful when we live the destination as a local, meet natives and learn their culture and that is what we do! Discover our experiences in Rio de Janeiro and in the Amazon jungle. You chose, we organize, you enjoy!
Ready for your Unique Experience? Welcome to the Braziliando Family!

Rio Experience

BraziliandoRIO gives you the opportunity to enjoy Rio de Janeiro as a native through exclusive inside tips, connection to Brazilians, unique day trips and alternative Portuguese lessons. Have fun, explore Rio, get the Carioca style!

Live and explore

Don’t be just a tourist in Rio, live the city as a Carioca! Our “Live Like Locals” guidebook tells you the best activities, authentic places, typical food, common habits, and every little secret about Rio! Take a Portuguese class or enjoy a day trip with locals to get your online guide.

Meet and Share

BraziliandoRIO connects you with locals that would love to make international friends, discover your culture and show you each special corner of our city. Explore a hidden beach! Hike some exciting trails! Visit an intriguing museum! Go out for a drink! You tell us what you like to do, we create the perfect day trip and you enjoy it with your local friends.

Learn and Discover

Why would you waste time in a classroom if you could learn Portuguese exploring the best spots in town? Forget the traditional language courses and the boring city tours! Take part in our one-to-one linguistic and cultural experiences with your guide-teacher. You choose the place and we make it happen. Explore, learn, enjoy!

Rio Lovers

get the Rio de Janeiro Experience

I enjoyed so much my experience in Rio with Braziliando! It was a very amazing start to my exchange program, I recommend it a thousand times! Thanks to Ana and to Professor Deise, I was able to (very quickly) improve my level of Portuguese and this allowed me to learn more about Brazil and get in touch with cariocas more easily!

Raphael Sahakian

The best way to visit Rio! Braziliando has found a way to combine Portuguese classes, visits and meetings to make the discovery of the Marvelous City even more exceptional!

Maïsa Machado

Amazonia Experience

In a typical community in the Amazon rainforest, we organize trips so travelers can experience the region in a very authentic way: connected to the local culture and making a difference helping people in need.

Who Are We

Ana Taranto

My cultural exchange programs were the most incredible and unforgettable experiences of my life. Through them I discovered special places, made great friends, learned new languages and fell in love. It was also during one of these experiences that I realized that I wanted to create my own destiny and work with something that really captivated me, that made sense for my life! So I decided to found Braziliando, with the goal of promoting to people from all over the world the most incredible and unforgettable experiences of their lives while they live a new culture (as a local).

Sophie Peccaud

French student in international business, travelling is my dearest passion. I try do go on vacation as often as I can, and do my internships in foreign countries that I feel are very different from mine. I’ve for instance worked in the Caribbean, went arround Europe with a Backpack, met friends in NYC…  Each time, I discover a new culture and new people. Besides, I’m quite a lonely traveler, and meeting people, specially locals, is so rewarding. They help you to see the country from a new eye and give you many new opportunities!