Live the culture, Meet locals, Transform their reality.

About us

Braziliando’s mission is to promote authentic and special experiences for you, who want to be immersed in the culture and want to generate a positive impact while traveling. We believe that every travel becomes more special and meaningful when we live the destination as a native, meet locals and transform their reality!
This is what we decided to do in Amazonia, through our unique experiences in a community in the heart of the rainforest. You chose, we organize, you enjoy!
Ready for your Unique Experience? Welcome to the Braziliando Family!


Braziliando gives you the opportunity to live Amazonia as a native by staying in a community, as a family member, tasting their regional food, and making typical and unique adventurous activities with the locals. Through the social tourism, you will get to change their reality, contributing to their sustainable development.  Choose one of our experiences and have fun exploring Amazonia, changing your life and theirs!


Would you prefer to make a real change and meet new people that share this same purpose? Through our group volunteering trips, you will have the unique opportunity to combine social projects with our Amazonian_Discovery experience. The volunteer program is developed by the participants, with the mediation of Braziliando, considering the abilities of each traveler and especially the needs of the community.

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Through our personalized trips, you can discover the magical Amazon all by yourself or with your own group. This experience happens on a date that you choose and includes homemade food, typical accommodation in the house of the natives and unique activities, such as our night boat trip, trekking in the jungle, fishing in Rio Negro, bow and arrow course, and so much more!

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Amazonia Lovers

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Artisanal Art

During your experience, you’ll get the opportunity to take a look at and buy unique handcraft produced by the Baré people, the descendants of indigenous who live in Sao Thomé and the surrounding communities, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, wooden bags and decorative items. Bring home a part of Amazonia to keep forever in mind all the magical moments you lived, and support one more time the community!

Who Are We

Miriam Silva – Partner

I have the indigenous nationality and I am from the Baré ethnic group. I love Amazonia, the place where I was born and always lived. My goal, working in partnership with Braziliando, is to preserve the natural beauties surrounding my magical environment that I am lucky to call home. I also wish to create opportunities and generate income for the community members through this sustainable and alternative tourism.

Ana Taranto – Founder

A large part of the population of the Brazilian Amazonia does not have access to basic health services, education and infrastructure. Being passionate about traveling and seeking to transform this reality, I decided to support families who live in the riverside communities, through the development of community-based tourism and “voluntourism” in this culturally and environmentally rich region. In this way, we generate income, knowledge and opportunities for local families, while we promote authentic, transforming and special travel experiences.

Sophie Peccaud – Intern

French student in international business, travelling is my dearest passion. I try do go on vacation as often as I can, and do my internships in foreign countries that I feel are very different from mine. I’ve for instance worked in the Caribbean, went arround Europe backpacking, met friends in NYC…  Each time, I discover a new culture and new people. Besides, I’m quite a lonely traveler, and meeting people, specially locals, is so rewarding. They help you to see the country from a new eye and give you many new opportunities!